School Closings & Early Release Dismissal Due to Weather

School Closings & Early Release Dismissal Due to Weather

Please be reminded that the following stations carry school closing information:

Radio:  WION  1430 AM WOOD 105.7 FM

                  WCUZ 123.0 AM             WCUZ 101.3 FM

                  WBCT  93.7 FM               WLAV 96.9 FM

TV:           Channels 8, 13, 17 – Grand Rapids

                  Channel 3 – Kalamazoo

                  Channel 6 – Lansing

You may also go to the Ionia Public School Website home page and sign up for eNotify to receive an email and/or text to alert you of school delays/closings.

It is very important that telephone lines to Boyce School be available for emergency situations and for calls from the Superintendent’s office giving us directions about early dismissal.  Please do not call the school asking if we are closed or closing early.  Please check the website, watch the television or listen to the radio.

Many thanks to the parents who have a plan of action in place with their child(ren) for early dismissals. It truly helps us, and it also puts the children at ease when they know where they are supposed to go.