Great Start Readiness Program/HeadStart - Preschool Application

Great Start Readiness Program/HeadStart - Preschool Application

2020-21/2021-22 Collaborative Preschool Application

High quality early education experiences are critical to every young child's development. Children who have high quality experiences are more successful later in life. In Ionia & Montcalm County, the Joint Recruitment system was developed to ensure that federal and state guidelines are being followed regarding enrollment and recruitment of all age eligible preschoolers. This also ensures that our system can service as many age eligible children as possible with free and/or low cost quality preschool.

We anticipate preschool funding to be announced by the State of Michigan between July and August, with enrollment processes beginning immediately following the State's announcement. Unlike K-12 education, state preschool funding is not a guaranteed budget item and until funding has been awarded enrollment cannot take place.

You should receive an email that verifies that your application was submitted. Once received, a Joint Recruitment representative will process your application and forward it to the program that your child is eligible for. This means your family may be contacted by either Head Start OR a GSRP representative. You will receive communication regarding enrollment only after the funding (State and Federal) has been confirmed. The most important step is completing and submitting the initial application found here! We appreciate your patience with this process.

If you have a family member expecting a baby or have a child under three please feel free to access Early Head Start supports through this link: